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Improving Lives One House at a Time

Need to relieve financial stress of a unwanted house such as legal fees, maintenance costs, income, property taxes?

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After serving our country, we want to serve you. That is why we want our veterans to come home to home-ownership or a place to call home during their temporary stay. 

Your donated dollars will go toward the purchase and improvement of inadequate housing. Materials, supplies, and labor are all needed.

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The number of first time home buyers has significantly declined in the last decade and moving in with mom and dad has increased. We want to reverse that trend by providing affordable housing that people can look forward to again.
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The middle class have been falling behind on wealth building for quite sometime. The good news is that we provide the opportunity to move that dial through the window of affordable housing.

First Time

Home Buyers

Did you inherited a house you do not want? Are you or a loved one moving into a retirement home?​​

Do you have an old or damaged house that you no  longer want to maintain?                    


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We are a non-profit organization that buys, receives, and renovates property, to in turn provide affordable housing to low-to-moderate income families, veterans, and first time home buyers. Hard working families need a hand UP, not a hand out so 2 Angels Affordable Housing Foundation is here to revitalize home ownership and our communities.